“I would like to take this opportunity to express to you the value of [Dr. Logant’s] staff in the infusion clinic. I have been to the department on multiple occasions to receive medication infusions.  From the first appointment, I have been impressed with the staff. Mary, Wendy, Cindy, and Florence (and others) have all interreacted with me in a manner that is extremely professional and competent.  During every interaction of my visit, from registration to discharge, the staff expressed concern and provides exceptional comfort relating to my physical, emotional, and medical needs.

My health care begins with Dr. Logan’s office where his office assistant, Traci, is also very professional and compassionate. I have been in that office at my worse, and at my best.  During every visit to the office, I have been met warmly and promptly checked in.  When I have had to call the office from home, the calls are always responded to in a short time with kindness and efficiency.

I would be remiss to not mention Dr. Logan, himself.  Without consuming a lot of your time, I will tell you that Dr. Kent has gone above and beyond his required duties when it comes to patient advocacy and care.  From the first appointment, through to the diagnosis process, and now during the treatment phase, I have always felt that Dr. Logan was championing my cause.  He has ‘gone to bat’ for me on several issues, long after I felt like giving up.

As my health continues to improve, I wanted to acknowledge those who I feel are directly responsible to my positive health outcomes.  You work with some wonderfully talented health care professionals.”

Regina D.

“You are my hero for finding the tumor in my spinal cord and arranging the surgery at Tuft’s Medical with Dr. Kryzanski, April 2019.  I now have some feeling in my legs and feet and am able to walk with a walker for limited time.  My goal is to walk again with little or no assistance and to drive again.

Another reason you are such a special doctor to me is the reason you prescribed ALA and Vit. B12.  I do believe in quality supplementation and an organic diet as much as possible.  I do wish doctors would teach patients to heal themselves with diet and supplements instead of pushing a steady stream of pharmaceutical drugs, which can be detrimental ad aid demise over a period of time.”

Nancy M.


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